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    Season Retrospect
    The Vets end their debut season 1-11 with an 0-2 postseason record.

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    08/15/2006  10:40 PM ET
    Relive the excitement of the Vets 2006 Season through the game summaries. Arose your senses by soaking in various game photos and audio clips. Examine the season performance of your favorite player in the stats section. Humor yourself with an entertaining Corbett Report. (Yes, it's back!) We hope you enjoy the Vets 2006 website as much as we had creating it!

    Game Summary Listing | Photos and Audio Clips
    Vets's UPDATES ::::::
    Writing Staff Close-up Shop
    Hot Stove Cooking this Off-season
    Summary of Top Player Stats for 2006
    A-WOL Moonlights on B-Crew
    Lost Bat - $35 Reward
    Fireworks Explode at League Meeting
    Corbett Commissioned to Write a “Corbett Report”
    A-WOL’s Streak Snapped at 49 Games
    A-WOL Moonlights for GD-Crew
    A-WOL Moonlights as Umpire
    Kim named team Treasurer and Roster Manager

    STANDINGS ::::::
    W L PPD
    6 5 1
    5 5 2
    1 11 0
    0 10 2
    Full Standings