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    Radar-loop of the storm that passed through the morning of the game.(
    The doors to the shack are ripped open by the 6:30 game in an attempt to retireve the bases and the balls.
    ... at least they left the screws in place.
    The 6:30 game plays amongst huge water puddles in the infield.

    A-WOL stands ready for umpire services behind the plate. (1st)
    Ron fixes the door to the shack. (3rd?)
    Rick and the infield unit stands ready for the next pitch.
    The second baseman calls for the ball after it is hit shallow to Joelle.
    A C.M. batter swings and hits the ball...
    ... and the base runner from first trots to third on the play.
    Devin and a buddy from C.M. share a conversation on second.
    Shot of the bench. Note the moat around the bench.
    Rick watches the ball pass him after the catcher overthrows the ball to him.
    A-WOL umpires the game while Kim bats. (5th)
    A-WOL glances at the camera. (5th)
    Joelle pitching. (Blurry)
    Another shot of Joelle pitching. (Blurry)
    Copy of score book. (Per request of Rick Palma.)

    The game, play by play.
    Top of 1st.
    Bot of 1st.
    Top of 2nd.
    Bot of 2nd.
    Top of 3rd.
    Bot of 3rd.
    Top of 4th.
    Bot of 4th.
    Top of 5th.
    Bot of 5th.
    Top of 6th.
    Bot of 6th.
    Top of 7th.
    Bot of 7th.
    Post game.

    All photos. (Right click to download all photos in high quality to disk.)
    All audio clips (1/2) (Right click to download all audio clips to disk.)
    All audio clips (1/2) (Right click to download all audio clips to disk.)